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Water Damage Removal

Water damage is a common problem for homes and businesses in the South Florida area. The damage may be unnoticed and slow from a leaking pipe, leaking roof, leaking A/C unit or cracked foundation. The damage may be sudden and dramatic, like the damage by most South Florida hurricanes. Water damage can creep up behind walls and in foundations. One-inch of standing water significantly damages a structure, and the water must be attended to quickly or else further damage like mold and mildew may occur.

At Restore & More, our caring technicians easily assess your home or businesses water damage and make recommendation based on our 12 years of South Florida experience treating water damage.

Common Water Damage Situations

The most common situation is damage from clean water that results from broken water lines from faucets and toilet tanks. The next most common water damage situation results from contaminated water from an overflowing dishwashers, washing machines or toilets containing urine. Another situation is from unsanitary water. Stagnant water develops germs and bacteria which may cause illness or death if not properly addressed. Water in this category comes from sewage, flooding, toilet bowls with feces and water that has been standing too long. Time and temperature have a strong effect on this category. The more time that passes, the worse the situation gets. Same goes for temperature. In hot, humid climates like South Florida, it’s important to address the water damage immediately.

Our professional water damage repair services inspect the area and the source of the water problem is noted along with the extent of the area impacted. Damage to the property and contents are documented with our full detailed analysis.

Our Water Damage Service Process

A building must be completely dried and found to be safe to inhabit again. Special drying equipment is required. Humidity, temperature and moisture content is monitored, and guidelines are strictly followed. Our team comes fully prepared for any South Florida water damage project, big or small. When it comes time to dry your home or office, we pack our state of the art drying and extracting equipment. Since time is of the essence, we work quickly to dry the area and make any preparations for restoration work.

Most South Florida water damage restoration companies tend to focus on the larger damage and tend to forget about many minor items that can add up to plenty of headaches. At Restore & More, our focus is getting your home or office back to the way it once was. And that means doing it all!

If your home or office has suffered water damage due to a broken pipe, leaky roof or flood, call us 24 hours a day and we'll respond ASAP to minimize your water damage.

Water Damage Restoration

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