What is Dry Ice Blasting for Mold Removal?

Dry ice blasting is a non-toxic way to remove mold from your property. It is a form of mold remediation using solid carbon dioxide (CO2) that does not have nasty chemicals or solvents. Some companies may refer to the solid carbon dioxide cleaning method as dry ice dusting or environmentally sustainable cleaning. The sub-zero temperature of the dry ice does all the work, making it a fast way to safely and thoroughly remove mold from your home or office without major disruption.

How Does Dry Ice Kill Mold

Most mold removal methods simply wash away surface mold and mildew, leaving spores and possible mold colonies still intact. When dry ice blasting is used for mold remediation, the incredibly low temperature of -110 degrees Fahrenheit kills mold and mildew on contact. Ice blasting allows the cold to permeate materials like wood framing and drywall quickly and deeply, removing the mold and its spores without solvents. This mold restoration technique also eliminates the need for heavy sanding and scraping, so there is never any hazardous dust in the air.

Benefits of Using CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning For Mold Remediation

Dry ice is a food-grade product that is EPA, FDA, and USDA certified. It leaves no chemical residue behind, unlike solvents and other cleaning products. Because dry ice is a frozen gas when it “melts,” there is nothing leftover to cleanup: no liquid, no dust, no residue and no worry of contamination. As the dry ice returns to its gaseous state, there are no toxic fumes as it returns to the atmosphere.

Is Dry Ice Blasting Safe for Home or Business?

Dry ice does not conduct electricity, making it safe for use around live electrical equipment and wiring. Save time and money because no shutting down or equipment removal is necessary. HVAC equipment may also be cleansed of mold contamination without issue.

Ice blasting equipment for mold remediation can reach into attics, crawlspaces and other tight or hard-to-reach areas in your home or business. This allows the technicians to get every little nook the mold may be hiding. No mess is left behind, so you and your family or company can go back to normal relatively quickly.

Restore & More Offers Dry Ice Mold Removal

If you are a Palm Beach County business or homeowner who has recently found a mold infestation, please call us. We can offer dry ice blasting to kill and cleanse the area of mold and mildew immediately. This process minimizes your business’s downtime and allows homeowners to possibly come back to their homes sooner as no residue or mess is left behind. If you are interested in learning more about this service or any other services, please contact us.